Care Instruction

Information on how to away with stains.

Preparation for Removing Stains :
  1. First brush any substantial, encrusted marks by hand, using a brush or spatula, then vacuum clean.
  2. Pre-clean with a neutral universal agent (incl. possibly dry foam as well).
  3. After each cleaning remove any residual surfactant, using spray extraction.
Treatment of Residual Staining :
All-purpose adhesive C
Animal excreta B
Baby food B+E
Ballpoint pen D
Beer E
Blood B
Blue carbon paper D
Brandy E
Burn holes G
Butter C+B
Candle wax C
Carbon paper D
Chalk D
Chewing gum C
Chocolate B+C+E
Cola A+D
Cocoa B+D
Coffe E
Coloured pencil D
Condensed milk B
Contact adhesive C
Cream B
Dust* C+A
Edible oil C+B
Egg white B
Egg yoke B
Face powder C
Fat C
Floor polish C
Flower stains D
Fruit juice E
Fruit stain E
Furniture polish D
Glue (cellulose) C
Grass stain E
Gravy B+C+D
Hair dye D+E
Honey* A
Ice cream B+E
Indian ink D
Ink D
Jam E
Ketchup D+E
Lemonade* A+D
Lipstick C+D
Make-up C+D
Margarine C+B
Mayonnaise B
Mediterranean wines E
Milk B
Motorcar oil, used C+D
Mould stain E
Mud* D
Mustard D+E
Nail varnish C
Nicotine E
Oil C+D
Oil paint C
Paraffin C
Perfume E
Printer’s ink D
Printer ribbon D
Red lead F
Red wine E
Rust F
Salad dressing B+E
Shoe cream C+D
Skin cream C
Soil* D
Soot C
Sparkling wine E
Synthetic resin paint C
Street dirt* C+A
Syrup A+D+E
Tea E
Tobaco E
Tomato juice D+E
Urine B
Vegetable fat C+B
Vomit B
Water colour D
Wine E

*Treat any residue as indicated.

Stain removal agents should only be worked in with a clean, damp and absorbent cloth.
  1. Treat with a normal commercial oxidative bleaching agent.
  2. Fresh stains: treat with an alkaline cleaning agent. Rinse of immediately – see below.
    Dried-in marks: treat with an enzyme agent. Note reaction time, wipe off gently.
  3. Treat with an agent containing solvent, using manual method as well (scrape off, beat lightly, vacuum clean when completely dry).
  4. Treat with dye-fixing agent. Possibly treat afterward with an oxygen bleaching agent.
  5. Fresh stain: treat with weak solution of organic acid (slightly acidic cleaning agent). Rinse off immediately – see below.
    Dried-in marks: treat with a normal oxidative bleaching agent.
  6. Treat with a commercial rust remover or acidic stain remover. Rinse off immediately – see below.
  7. Cut out burnt or melt stains. Take of piece of fabric of the same size – if none is available take it from a part of the material that is less visible – and stick in from the left with double sided tape.

After-treatment :
After each cleaning we recommended the use of spray extraction to remove any edge markings/residual cleaning agent.
General :
These are only general recommendations that cannot unreservedly 100% removal of stains.
We recommended in all cases that you consult a professional cleaner.

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